45 Adoptions in 2012!

January 18, 2013  

posted by HOH

We are proud to announce that we officially adopted 45 greyhounds in 2012! That’s 45 greyhounds placed with loving families in the Central Oklahoma area. Five of those families even adopted two in one year! We couldn’t have done it without all the help from our adopters, volunteers, foster homes and supporters. Here’s to a great 2013!

Happy Hounds:

Roo Beals
Thor Johnson
Polly Anderson
Sadie Brown
Charley Williams
Bella Anderson
Sheldon Bubier
Shiloh Bass
Dane Sperry
Peach Doyle
Ike Dobbs
Mary Anderson
Greta Ballard
Wendy Mead-Burns
Gabby Nicewander
Annika McIntyre
Martini Lewis
Katniss Flynn
Sophie Barclay
Lobo Page
Tom Nichols
Violet Harris
Steady Hudson
Duncan Jernigan
Ginny Bass
Felicia Gonzalez
Stella Vrbenec
Chisel Crossman
Golden Chui
Betty Orso
Annie Winnard
Sookie McKenzie
Gina Vrbenec
Iris Slater
Lucy Banks
Zell Filer
Chequers Nihira
Cedar Carrol
Nina Richardson
Karma Willander
Mandy Suazo
Seven Whitley
Anonymous Partee
Rudy Winnard
Slider Banks

Gina Vrbenec


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