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December 30, 2014  

posted by HOH

We’ve had a lot of recent adopters ask where they can buy their greyhound a coat for the upcoming cold weather. Since greyhounds have very thin skin they need a jacket or coat for cold weather to keep them warm. It can be difficult … READ MORE


5th Annual Greyhound Gala

March 25, 2014  

posted by HOH

We are proud to announce the 5th Annual Greyhound Gala will be held at Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center on March 29th, 2014 from 2-5pm! Cost to attend is still $5 and we are looking forward to another successful event. See you there!


Houndie Paws and Bad Weather

November 25, 2013  

posted by HOH

Our fast greyhounds love to run– especially in this cold weather! A consequence of our greyhound’s speed on the hard cold ground can be cuts and scrapes on their paws and even legs and bodies if they fall. Be sure … READ MORE


posted by HOH

The importance of keeping identification on your dog can never be stressed enough. However, some pet owners might decide to take their dogs’ collars off because of a false sense of security at home. READ MORE


Corns: Not Just for Humans

February 4, 2013  

posted by HOH

There has been a ton of information posted about corns & greyhounds on the internet, but since we’ve seen it appear fairly often with our adopted dogs – let’s talk about it some more! READ MORE


45 Adoptions in 2012!

January 18, 2013  

posted by HOH

We are proud to announce that we officially adopted 45 greyhounds in 2012! That’s 45 greyhounds placed with loving families in the Central Oklahoma area. Five of those families even adopted two in one year! READ MORE


GPA Conference in Gulf Breeze, FL

January 16, 2013  

posted by HOH

Hounds of the Heartland is the Central Oklahoma chapter of Greyhound Pets of America (GPA). This year the annual GPA conference “Howliday” will be hosted by GPA Emerald Coast in Gulf Breeze, FL April 11-14. Information about the event themed “Hooray for HowlyWood” is now available! READ MORE


Memory Sponsorships Available

January 15, 2013  

posted by HOH

Create a memorable and meaningful memorial of your lost loved one (person or pet) by participating in the Greyhound Gala Memory Sponsorship Program. READ MORE


posted by HOH

Our “Greyshoppe” on CafePress is officially open for business! READ MORE


posted by HOH

We are in need of Sponsors and Donations for the 2013 Greyhound Gala. Read on to learn more about how you can help! READ MORE