Houndie Paws and Bad Weather

November 25, 2013  

posted by HOH

Our fast greyhounds love to run– especially in this cold weather! A consequence of our greyhound’s speed on the hard cold ground can be cuts and scrapes on their paws and even legs and bodies if they fall. Be sure to check over their feet and limbs when they come inside. Get the bleeding stopped with a cold wet cloth, use styptic powder if you have it. Dry them off and clean the wounds. Apply Aloe Wound Salve or Neosporin to the wounds.

Do your best to keep the dog calm and have them rest. Discourage them from licking the medicine from the wounds. They will heal quickly! If your greyhound insists on running and reopening the cuts you may need to walk them out on leash the remainder of the day.



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