Memory Sponsorships Available

January 15, 2013  

posted by HOH

Create a memorable and meaningful memorial of your lost loved one (person or pet) by participating in the Greyhound Gala Memory Sponsorship Program.

Memory Sponsorships include a full color photo of your choice featured with the name of your loved one, a special note up to 130 characters and your name as their Sponsor. With your $50 tax-deductible donation, your memorial will be featured prominently at the Greyhound Gala, pledging your support for Hounds of the Heartland in their honor.

Share your special memory and support Hounds of the Heartland at the same time with a Memorial Sponsorship with these 3 easy steps today!

1. Complete the Memory Sponsorship form

2. E-mail your photo of choice to

3. Make your $50 tax-deductible donation by PayPal on our Sponsor Page or mail a check to: Hounds of the Heartland | PO Box 57507 | OKC, OK 73157-7507

The deadline for Memory Sponsorships is March 15, 2013.


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