The greyhound breed dates back to 6,000 B.C. when greyhound type drawings that depicted a hunter with two greyhounds chasing as stag were found in what is now known as Turkey. In 4,000 B.C. people started migrating and they were accompanied by their dogs during their travels.

The greyhound really came into their own with the assistance of the Egyptians. They were their companions, their hunting partners, and some were even worshipped as gods. The Egyptians valued their greyhounds to the point that the birth of one was almost as important as a birth of a son.

While the Israelites did not worship greyhounds and dogs in general were not that popular with their culture, they did make an exception for the greyhound. It is the only breed to be mentioned in the Bible. Proverbs 30:29-31.

During the Middle Ages, greyhounds became revered by nobility and were owned by the rich and famous. During this era various artists did not miss the opportunity to paint the elegant lines of the greyhound’s sleek body.

The sport of coursing was developed in ancient Greece and this elevated the popularity of the greyhound as a popular breed to have. This sport carried on into the mid 1700s and was then developed into an organized gaming activity that spread across the continent.

Again the migration of immigrants to America spawned the popularity of the sport to the open spaces of the prairie and the hunting of small game. This evolution in the 1900s brought forth the development of the artificial lure which allowed the public the opportunity to see the greyhound run. In more recent times, the sport of racing reached an all time high of attendance and generated over $3 billion in revenues during the 1990s.

This is just a small sampling of the history of the greyhound and you will be able to write your own story as you will have many enjoyable experiences with your greyhound.

Greyhounds make great family companions. The greyhound’s personality is reflective of gentleness, easy going attitude, and true devotion to its owner. They are truly grateful for being given the opportunity to be a pet and they reward their owners with never-ending affection. Raised with their litter mates where they have to compete for attention, they thrive on being the center of your attention.

Greyhounds tend to be more gentle and calmer than other breeds and prefer to avoid confrontation and conflict. When confronted with uncomfortable situations, they tend to walk away from the source.

Greyhounds have very little odor and don’t shed very much as they don’t have a lot of hair to lose. Their bodies are truly marvelous as they are the world’s fastest breed of dog and watching them run is breathtaking. Years of breeding have produced graceful yet athletic bodies.