For the life of the Greyhound, adopter must agree:

  1. To never allow or permit the Greyhound to be used for racing, hunting, medical research, or for other purposes constituting exploitation of the Greyhound.To notify HOH immediately if the Greyhound should become lost or stolen.
  2. To return the Greyhound to HOH if, for any reason, the adopter is unable to keep or care for the Greyhound. Adopter agrees that ownership or possession of the Greyhound shall not be transferred to any other person without contact with HOH.
  3. To keep the Greyhound on heartworm preventative and to continue annual vaccinations, both under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Adopter further agrees to provide all other necessary veterinary care for the Greyhound.
  4. To keep a collar and ID tag on the Greyhound at all times.
  5. To keep the Greyhound as an indoor pet and not left outside or in a garage or other out-building.
  6. To put a lock on exterior gate(s) to prevent the Greyhound from escaping from the yard.
  7. To never allow the Greyhound to run loose without an enclosed fenced area.
  8. To never tie the Greyhound to anything stationary under any circumstances.
  9. To give the Greyhound a comfortable, clean, healthy and loving environment for the remainder of his/her life.
  10. Apartment Applicants/Potential Adopters will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, subject to the adoption coordinator’s discretion.
  11. All Renters will be required to provide a written consent letter from their landlord, complete with accurate contact information, stating the approval for a dog of this size.